Thank you for visiting. Here is a bit about me as connected to my work as a poet, editor, and teacher…

I serve as poetry editor for the Schuylkill Valley Journal, am author of four full-length poetry collections, my most recent, Everything Counts, from Aldrich Press. I’m fortunate to be able to combine my love of writing with my work since I’m both an adjunct English professor as well as a presenter of community writing workshops and programs in the Philadelphia region, often on the intersection of art and writing.

Like so many writers, at least those I know, I write in other genres and have other artistic interests, as well. In addition to poetry, for example, I write reviews, essays, short stories, and also include journalism in my background. I worked for a time as a features writer with a couple of weekly newspapers in Philadelphia in the 1990s. One of the highlights of my time there was that I got not only to be a passenger in the cockpit of the Goodyear blimp but the pilot whom I was interviewing turned over the controls to me —allowed me to fly the craft from the Northeast Airport down the Delaware River to Center City Philadelphia. Of course, he prepped me before putting our lives in my hands! White-knuckle fun is an understatement!

I also worked as a high school English teacher, a full-time artist, specializing in Celtic design and themes, and as a singer and percussionist—my main instrument is the bodhran—in the (Celtic-Irish/Pop/Rock/Jazz) band, Cletus McBride and Company. We played in the Philadelphia/New Jersey area, Ireland, the Caribbean, and for several years, on a float each year in the Philadelphia St. Patrick’s Day parade. We recorded three CDs of cover Irish/Celtic music as well as a number of Cletus’ original songs and tunes and I find I often incorporate music into my poems and public readings since these arts are so very kindred.


3 responses to “About

  1. Hi Bernadette, This looks great.
    Glad to see you here in the blogosphere!

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  3. Harold

    Very nice, Bernadette!

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